The Syence Lab has been at the forefront of the D.M.V Music Scene for the past 15 years. Owned by Judah, The Syence Lab has produced, recorded and mixed national artist as well as some of the D.M.V's most notable artist.

STUDIO TIME: $45 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Studio time is $45 per hour with a two hour minimum. An engineer is included in all sessions.  Make sure to inquire about our blocked hour discounts.

MIXING: $45 per hour

Mixing is $45 per hour. We use Protools as our DAW/Software as our primary mixing platform however, we have the ability to mix sessions recorded in Logic, Studio One, Cubase, Garageband etc.

MASTERING: $30 - $40 per song

We use top quality plug-ins and a select pieces of vintage analog outboard gear to get that nice warm professional sound that will have your music competing with some of todays music superstars.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Judah prides himself on providing a positive and creative environment for his clients to make the best music possible. Head producer Judah is very selective with the artist he choses to produce for and may or may not be available to provide you with production services. However,  Judah has an experienced staff of junior producers that create quality music that will be able to provide that sonic palette that you desire.